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    Browser freezes for MAC Users; User sessions corrupted


      We are running CF 10 upgraded from CF 8. At the time we upgraded Cold Fusion, we also upgraded server software from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008r2 IIS 7.5. If that doesn't sound right (or smart), don't shoot me - I'm just the messenger seeking answers for my programming team ;-).


      Here's the problem: MAC users can log into our site (www.VLH.com) and take about 3-5 questions in our medical education courses. Then, inexplicably, when they submit the answer to a question in the course, their browser freezes up and the screen goes white.


      When we tell them to shut their browser down, clear their cache, and return to the site (here's the weird part), they can't even get their browser to return to the site - let alone to log into it. Meaning, their browser will not resolve to the home page of www.VLH.com, but they can get to any other website to which we direct them (CNN.com, for example).


      Our user sessions were timed to last 1 hour, and we have reduced that to 30 minutes (for reasons that I'm not really sure, but to hopefully clear up a frozen browser sooner). Some users can sign back into the site 90 minutes later and continue the course without issue. Others still can not even log back into the site.


      I wish I had more user specs for you than this, but here are at least 2 configurations of users who are experiencing issues:


      Mac OSX v10_7_5 and Safari/537.71

      MAC OSX v10.7.5 and Safari 6.0.4.


      I don't know whether the latest CF 10 security patches have been applied in our environment.


      I'm trying to see if anyone else has experienced this issue. This NEVER used to happen when we were running CF 8 on Windows 2003 server software. Now it happens frequently, but not always, to MAC users. Never to Windows users that we can tell (or VERY infrequently). MAC chokes on it most, but again, not all MACs.




      ADDED 12/16/13: The security update we're running is CF 10.0.12 (or 10,286680).  Java Version is 1.7.0_15