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    clone tool won't

    eklojoe Level 1

      All of a sudden the clone tool on the CC 6 I'm using stopped working.  When you hold down the Alt key and go to a spot to clone. it looks like it's going to work (you can line it up and so on), but when you click on it to clone something, it doesn't do anything; e.g., if I want to clone a branch of a tree, for instance, I put the circle on branch one, hold down the Alt key and click.  Then went I go to the place I want that branch to go I can line it up, but when I click nothing happens.  I've been using Photoshop si9nce I bought Photoshop 4 and this is the first and only time that's happened.  It's probably some dumb thing I'm doing, but I sure can't figure it out.  Any help will be gladly appreciated.