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    Camera RAW 8.3 For CS6

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      Update Manager popped up - told me there was an Update for ACR 8.3 for both Photoshop CS6 and Premier Elements 12


      Dutifully started the update - then Application Manager crashed - no matter what I do I get the error U43M1U49 so want to try a manual download


      So where can I find the ACR update. Went to the update page and it shows the DNG update - but nothing for ACR.





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          Ashutosh.Nigam Adobe Employee

          Please try updating your AAM from here:



          After update then try installing ACR updates from Help->Update.




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            Andrew_Hart Level 2



            Here is the link for the manual download BUT as of 5 minutws ago it had not been updated from ACR 8.2 - try again maybe later today:



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              MikeKPhoto Level 2

              Ashutosh, hesitantly I followed your advice and updated AAM from the link you provided. Went into Photoshop and went to Help Update and AAM crashed again. But update you recommended added a shortcut to my desktop. So I fired that up and got the CC version of AAM. So clearly this did not update but installed another version of AAM - so now I have two!!!!!


              Pressing forward I fired up the CC version and it showed a whole bunch of applications I can download as a trial, but also CC versions I can update, like Bridge CC - which could be very confusing for folks!!  I then clicked on the update link in CC AAM and it showed me the updates for ACR 8.3 and the extensions update - ran the updater and it worked and I now have ACR 8.3 working. Great!!!


              But I am concerned that I have the ability to install Bridge CC, Edge Code CC, Edge Inspect CC, Edge Reflow CC, Exchange Panel, Extend Toolkit CC and Extension Manager CC


              I am not going to attempt to install as I am very concerned about running a mixed envrionment  - so is this intended behavior for the AAM update?



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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You actually have AAM and CC Manager app, now. 


                If you do Help / Updates in one of your products it’ll run the AAM, but the CCM is used to authorize you to your CC apps.  You don’t have to install the things in the CCM you don’t want to install.   It is just a list of apps you are authorized to intall based on your subscription and then trials of others to entice you to upgrade your subscription.


                I installed Bridge CC from that list but not the others. 


                I run both PS-CC and PS-CS6 and the CCM updates both of them.  I have the PS+LR deal and so there is an Install next to LR, which puts the new 5.3 on my system.

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                  MikeKPhoto Level 2

                  Well nice to know I do not have two versions of AAM, but one AAM and as you say and the CC Manager app.


                  I am not a CC subcriber and find it interesting, based on my Adobe ID I have access to CC apps. I realize I do not have to download them but I could. Not probably relevant to this forum - but wonder if this is intended behavior on the part of Adobe:)



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                    Ashutosh.Nigam Adobe Employee

                    These app would be still in trial if you download them as you are not CC subscriber.