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    Issue with running Edge Animation Composition on a DIV via PhoneGap.

    Truong Thien Nguyen

      Hi guys,

      We recently subcribe to Creative Cloud and get excited to try Adobe EDGE Animate.


      I'm making edge animation run manually on one of our application. It successfully runs on desktop browser like Chrome. You can see it at the link below :

      http://phonegap.cookingthebooks.com.au (Click on the fourth button to see the animation running).


      I run into a problem which I tried a lot of solutions but can't work it out how to fix it (No Javascript errors whatsoever...)

      The problem is when I run the same application that you see on an iPad/iPhone uses PhoneGap, the animation seems to run but nothing appear on the screen, only color of the DIV change to white but just see a blank white page after that.


      A workaround I found to make it run is to remove the DIV (with the composition ID generated by Edge Animate) and let the composition rendered on the HTML "body" tag.

      But this will not work for us as we will need a lot of animations and we have to be able to control them manually and assign them to specific DIV.


      Please HELP !!!

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      If you need source code to test on PhoneGap. Here it is the link to download :

      https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwjsosahg57hsn8/Archive2.zip (extract the content to www folder of PhoneGap).