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    Help with this line of lingo please?

    Cpt.Haddock Level 1

      The following code appears in the FadInOut behaviour, in the on BeginSprite handler.


      pFaded = resolve(pFaded)


      It relates to a Property variable pFaded.

      There is no 3D lingo involved but the only reference I can find to "resolve" relates to 3D lingo.

      can anyone help me out and give me a clue to what it is doing please?


      Never mind I've worked it out.



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          Wolfgang Herold Level 2

          There is a bug inside the script.

          it seems to be written with an older version of Director, when there was no "resolve" command.

          Some lines after pFaded = ....... you'll find


          on resolve (prop)



          end resolve


          rename that to eg. xresolve:



          on beginsprite me

          pFaded = xresolve(pFaded)

          pAuto = xresolve(pAuto)

          mInitialise me

          end beginsprite


          on xresolve (prop)



          end xresolve