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    working with ae cc and blackmagic DNGs on multiple computers


      Hi folks. First of all excuse my english which is far from beeing perfect.

      I'm currentliy working with blackmagic DNG sequences in After Effects. When you import them the ACR will be opened to interpretate the dng seqence. so far so goo.... bad. here is where my problem starts. There is no metadatafile i could find where this ACR setting is safed.

      I wanted to export my work on mutiple computers. Copied my file structure and the project files to other comps. But when i opened the project the ACR-settings weren't there anymore. Only on the computer where i created the project. And i couldn't find any metadata file on that computer. Nor the could German technical support tell me where to find them. This is why it would not make any sense to render this project on mutiple computers cause all files would look different


      Can anyone help me with this problem?