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    timeline troubles/question

    Ellen Brouns



      I have some questions..

      (See image for more information...)


      1.When the animation plays reverse, i want it to play faster..

      Is there any way I can do this? By code maybe?


      2.Also. When the animation played backwards, and then forewards again I want it to stop at 'mouseover'.

      How can I do this?

      If i put a trigger stop between them, it also stopt when it is playing backwards.


      I really hope someone knows how to do this!



      Kind regards, Ellen


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          I too want to know how to be able to do this, possibly through code I guess. But, I have no idea how to start. I tried to look for information but nothing found as of yet

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            boxofspiders Level 1

            1. I have suggested a solution to this on your other post.


            2. Add the stop() as a mouseEnter/mouseOver event on the symbol that is being animated that will stop the playhead at its current location, a mouseLeave play() will restart the animation but in the 'play' direction, You could then use a variable to determine which direction the playhead was moving and always send it in the same direction when mousing out, if you need/want it to do that. Hope this helps