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    Cannot find cache folder

    ada_mju Level 2



      How do I find cache folder? My AECC is set probably automaticaly to C://User/Adam/Appdata/Local/Temp


      I want to change to /cache, but after trying everything I cannot find it.

      Please help. Thanks

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just open up you After Effects Preferences and navigate to Cache ans set a new path. Click on Choose Folder. Nothing to it.Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 4.55.56 AM.png

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            ada_mju Level 2

            Thank you Rick,


            Here is image what I see. I clicked on "Choose Folder", but I cannot find anywhere Cache. This is my problem



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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I am confused. Where, exactly, are you trying to put your cache? If you want to make a folder called "Cache" and have it go there, you have to create that folder. Ideally it will be on a very fast drive like a solid state drive.

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                ada_mju Level 2

                I`m sorry for not being too clear. I thought Cache folder should be already in the system, but according to your post I should create myself on internal HDD. What`s the point to have it then? I can stay in temp files as now. It seems like I can create folder with any name I want, not neccessary "Cache". Please correct me if I`m wrong. Thank you

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                  StevRo Level 2

                  Hi Adam,


                  The default location for the cache is under the logged in user profile temp folder (it is hidden folder) so If you want to view its contents you can open a command window (cmd.exe) and cd /d c:\users\adam\appdata\local\Temp or enable see hidden folders in the explorer.


                  The cache is very write intensive, in the default location it will compete with your operating system for access to the disk drive.   Adobe suggests that folks who use the cache feature move it to their fastest drive.


                  Hope it helps..

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                    ada_mju Level 2

                    Thank you StevRo,


                    I have 1.8TB free space yet on my int. HDD
                    Do you think it would be good idea to move or leave as it is in temp folder (see screenshot above)

                    I watched tutorial about the best setting, this is why I followed and catched myself in this cache issue.

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                      StevRo Level 2

                      Space is only one of the consideration, speed is what matters more.  If you have a limited number of drives, then use the one which has the least amount of usage for best results have it on its own dedicated disk/ssd.   Other recommendations would be excluding the cache directory from Anti-Virus program real time scanning, don't enable file compression etc.


                      I am not sure which video you watched Steve Forde (sp) did a video on how to optimize AE.  http://tv.adobe.com/watch/digital-video-cs6/how-to-optimize-after-effects-cs6-for-high-per formance/?go=12437.  You can ignore the part on the quadro video card as AE v12.x supports your IGPU for opengl functionality, unless you want to use the 3d ray tracer feature a Nvidia card isn't necessary, the rest is pretty useful info on how to configure your system (you'll need to scale it up/down for your specific machine)..

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                        ada_mju Level 2

                        Thank you StevRo,


                        I very appreciate your and others help here. Maybe below information helps.
                        My machine is:

                        DELL XPS 8500

                        Windows 7 Ultimate 64
                        AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series

                        Processor Intel Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU 3.40Ghz

                        RAM 12GB

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                          StevRo Level 2

                          Hi Adam,


                          A little bit, I am missing the info about the drives installed on the machine?  Internally the 8500 can have upto (2) 3.5" drives & an mSata drive.  Have you added any additional internal/external drives or do you just have the one that HP bundles with the machine?

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                            ada_mju Level 2

                            Yes, it can, but when I was ordring my PC in Japan yet, I did not choose this option, because I prefer to use external HDD. I had experince when internal HDD have just died and all data had been gone. When I work on Adobe and other software I use internal HDD for storage and managment while working on project. I also keep back up on external HDD as well. On my main hard drive I still have 1.40TB free space out of 1.80TB as most of stuff I back up to 2 ext drives. However, I do have internal SDD where windows is installed and some other basic software to speed up starts up. Besides, I don`t use SDD for anything else, besides what DELL have installed for me there. When I was buying my PC, Adobe CS6 had just been realized and this was the reason I had to upgrade PC too.

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                              StevRo Level 2

                              Ok I'll close out my feedback with:  your SSD is the fastest drive you have so depending on how much space it can be use has persistent disk cache.   Note Windows 7 isn't the most efficient for use of usb 3.0 disk drives.   The entire USB 3 stack was written by third parties so there can be a wide variety of implementation & performance depending on who wrote it.  I am not familiar with the 8500 as to know who wrote the drivers for HP to speculate on which is best, so you will have to run some tests between your internal drive & external drives to determine this for yourself..