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    Upgrade Question




      I work for a small company and currently two of us are using CS5.5 (same software, installed on two separate computers). We're interested in purchasing one upgrade to CS6 that we would use on both of our computers. However, we're also looking at bringing on two new employees. Once we've upgraded to CS6, would our new employees be able to install and use our old CS5.5 software? And, would they be able to upgrade (obviously purchased separately) to CS6 at a later time? I'm not sure how it would work. I know you can install the software on two separate computers, but I'm not sure what happens once you upgrade. Could someone then download and use the old software?


      Any help would be appreciated!




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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What you propose is a clear violation of the license. It's one license

          per user and the upgrade is tied to the previous version.


          If you have four users you might want to look into Creative Cloud for teams.

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            Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

            In addition to Bob's comment about upgrading, you are allowed to install InDesign on two computers, but they can't be two computers in use at the same time by two different people.


            Installing on two computers was created so that one person could work on the program at their office and then go home and use the program on a different machine.


            But it's not supposed to be for two people working side by side.


            The way I see it, after upgrading to CS6, you would only be able to install the software on one machine in that one office.