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    Main Screen Space is blank for everything?


      Ok, try this best as I can.... I installed Adobe Edge CC on labtop. I emailed a folder full of photos from Photoshop CS6 from work comp to my personal labtop. From there, I re-opened the images in Photoshop CC on labtop, resized them, and re-saved as PNG into same folder (replacing the oringinals from email)


      Everything was going good, I was where I wanted and motion was working great with no issues....


      I then went and tried to install After Effects CC,,, but computer said my Photoshop 5.5 (my older version) was open and needed to be closed to continue installation. ( However, no photoshop was even open at this point)


      I then decided to uninstall my older version of Photoshop from labtop, since I installed Photoshop CC...... finished installing After Effects...



      When I went back to Adobe Edge animate,,,, all my timeline and layers were there,,, however,, everything was white. I tried previewing in browser and was still all white. ( when i click on layer image, the outline appears, so everything is still there, but nothing shows)


      I have no idea why this took place and need of  help!