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    How do I properly install my Muse site into Wordpress?


      Hello all,


      Just to be clear; I am not a professional web designer nor do I pretend to be one. I am helping a small business by making their website. I decided to use Muse as I am familiar with Indesign and Photoshop so this seemed like the way to go. I also need a CMS for the site so decided to use Wordpress.


      So I'm searching the web for answers to my question yet still not able to find a decent answer to this:

      How do I install my Muse site in Wordpress (thus using Wordpress as CMS)?


      I already know that Wordpress uses .php and Muse is .html and found ways to convert this (using Bridge for example). Is that the way to go or do I really need to do some serious programming? If someone has a video tutorial that would be great!



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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It very very difficult to convert a Muse site to Wordpress (there is the PHP issue which you have identified) and along with that comes the proprietary templating system WP has. And then even if you did accomplish it you would lose all Muse integration to make any changes to the design.


          The easiest way is to use Business Catalyst as your CMS.

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            Vngl Level 1

            Thanks for your reply Brad!


            Is it difficult to convert a Muse site to wordpress theme because the html in muse in somehow different? Cause I did find some tutorials showing how to convert a html site to wordpress theme. And have some programmers at hand who could help me with this. Perhaps export the html from Muse to Dreamweaver and make to necessary adjustments to php for Wordpress there?

            And lets say I don't need to make any changes to the design ones I somehow manage to convert the muse site to WP theme. I do however need to adjust content (text/images). Is that possible? Thanks in advance!

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              With no true “Blogging” capability built directly into Adobe Muse, users must find an alternative way to mimic this functionality.  By using embedded HTML and the free Blog provider Nabble (www.nabble.com) this tutorial will explain how to include a fully featured blog in your website without writing any code.

              Here's a sample blog that I built in a few minutes as a demonstration:

              Why aren’t blogs available right now in Adobe Muse?
              Although services like Tumblr and Wordpress simplify blogs greatly, the truth is they are fairly complex to code from scratch and often require complicated backend systems (servers with databases).  Think of all the functionality a typical blog includes - commenting, login systems, archiving, searching - those aren’t features that can be easily achieved with simple HTML / CSS.

              While I certainly can’t speak for Adobe, I can say that for a blog “widget” to simply exist in Muse you wouldn’t be able to host a site on any server, with any configuration. The same is true for the “Forms” widget in Muse - for a form to work, you must host with Adobe’s Business Catalyst. This isn’t because Adobe wants to force you to host your site on their servers; it’s because that’s the only place where they can control the backend setup and build a widget that will consistently work every single time.

              Remember the days of cross-browser bug fixing (before Muse saved us), well just imagine doing that for every hosting server in the world.  But I digress…

              Similar to browsers, there are many different types of hosting servers and configurations
              Image from: http://www.seo4q.com/2012/02/several-types-of-websites.html

              About Nabble

              I like Nabble as a blogging solution for a few simple reasons:

              1. It’s really easy to use, quite powerful, and best of all... free.

              2. Once your site is embedded in Muse, you won’t need to edit your Muse file to make updates.  You will simply login to the Nabble website, post updates (and even change the appearance) and your changes will be reflected immediately on your Muse website.

              3. You have just enough control over the look & feel to integrate it seamlessly into your website, but without advanced features that might be overwhelming.

              4. It contains the core functionality most bloggers look for - searching, archiving, RSS feeds, commenting, etc.


              for more great tips, tricks and the best templates check out muse-themes.com  - thats where this whole article is on.

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                Alex Suprun

                Does anyone know if such a Muse-to Wordpress plugin exists at all?

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                  am Confused...Any one can helme to install adobe in  windows 8? plssss...http://www.webdesigncourseinchennai.in/

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                    Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

                    Ashwins wrote:


                    am Confused...Any one can helme to install adobe in windows 8? plssss...http://www.webdesigncourseinchennai.in/

                    Well apparently the first step is to tack your cryptic question onto a 3 year post that talks about something completely unrelated then assume the forum will take pity on you?

                    p.s, be sure to add links for courses on php design… that’s always a winner.

                    Step 1 download creative cloud to your desktop… make sure you have a language pack that Adobe supports.

                    Step 2 press the install icon.

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                      haneadino Level 1

                      Hi Vngl


                      You can create a website with Adobe Muse and manage it with WordPress here: MusexPress | Adobe Muse and WordPress

                      It will convert the Muse site with PHP!