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    All Caps with Small Caps


      We have some branding guidelines for a third party. They are requiring headers to be ALL CAPs with First Letter CAP with Small Caps for letters following the first cap. I already have a small cap grep using \u\u+. Is it possible to have the first letter true CAP with small caps following it.


      I tried [\u]\u\u+ and I tried using [^\u]\u\u+. I also tried [\<=(\u)]\u\u+. I was trying to exclude the cap and then apply the small caps. Then the butchery just started because I am not getting GREP at all.


      Thanks Everyone,


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I think we need to get som terminology straight...


          As far as ID is concerned, All Caps is all uppercase letters, and it's applied as an embellishment, rather than keying in uppercase glyphs, so applying all caps will change the appearance (but not the actual keyed character) of lowercase to make it look like an upper case glyph. It will have no effect at all on text typed in as caps.


          Small Caps also affects only lowercase letters, and is applied in the same way, so that any lowercase letters to which samll caps is applied will look like uppercase, but be smaller in height. Wheter these are "true" small caps drawn as part of the font, or scaled versions of the upper case glyphs will depend on the font.


          The same text cannot be both All Caps and Small Caps, but it really sounds like the guideline is to use small caps.


          So it seems to me that all you really need to do is go into the paragraph style definition for the headers, and under Basic Character Format and open the Case dropdown, then choose either Small Caps or OpenType Small Caps (if you are using an OT font with true small caps), and aything you don't actually type as uppercase will be in small caps.

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            careington_cbs Level 1

            Thanks, Peter. I can't believe how easy the solution is when I applied it. Made things more complicated than they needed to be.