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    What software do I need to purchase/subscribe?


      I'm planning to do the $143.88 subscription for PLUS on FormsCentral.  I will be creating probably no more than 15 forms per year.  I will need to create forms, maintain them, do reports and gather data on membership information, registration of events/conferences and simple surveys.  What software do I need to purchasein addition to my yearly subscription on FormsCentral? Adobe Acrobat X? Adobe FormsCentral?  I'm not getting a clear picture on what is necessary as I read through the site.  I may need to have access to maintain the forms on both my laptop and my desktop.







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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          Hi Mike;


          You don't need anything in addition to the subscription to FormsCentral.  If you want to distribute your forms as PDF as well as (or instead of) on the web you might want Adobe Acrobat XI so you can further edit the PDFs, but that is not necessary and is really up to your needs.


          If you were to consider Acrobat you should look at this subscription "Acrobat Plus" which gives you Adobe Acrobat XI on a subscription basis plus some great online services including FormsCentral: https://www.acrobat.com/acrobatplus/en/home.html


          When you use FormsCentral in a web browser you can access it from any computer or laptop and have access to all the same data, one of the great things about a SAAS (software as a service).  The one exception to that is in the Acrobat Plus subscription you get the desktop application of Acrobat to install which would only work on two computers, the included services would be available from any computer.