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    Photoshop from CS5 crashes when I access FILE/Print


      This is since upgrading to Mavericks v10.9

      27 inch iMac5 2years old. Ram 12GB Mac HD 1TB.

      Exxternal Drives:  

      My passport HD "My Creative store" 1TB. 

      Seagate HD "One TB" 1TB.

      Pasport HD "Mac Backup 2" 2TB.


      net conection: Ethernet cable to Virgin media Super hub

      epson Scanner, Epson R2400 A3 printer,  Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet.

      All conect through Pluscom 4 port USB 2 to mac.

      4th USB port used to connect USB memory sticks downloading file from camera.


      I run Photoshop CS5 and Bridge, Some times Ilustrator.

      Corel PainterX3

      I can print successfully from within Painter whith limited control

      I can exchange RIFF, PSD, Tiff, CR2, JPG between these Applications.


      I cannot print any from within Photoshop CS5


      I have Downloaded Epson Printer drivers from UK and USA, 2 different files, the US a one is said to be specifically for Mavericks OS10.9

      Niether cures this afore said problem.


      I have contacted Epson support and the say if I can print from another Appication there is nothing wrong with the drivers and the printer and Referred me to yourselves.