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    Color picker in FX dialog launches Adobe online help


      This bug can happen if I click on the Fx symbol in a layer, or click on the color picker icon inside one of the effects (Gradient especially). All of a sudden Adobe launches several online help windows. I saw someone mention this bug last month, but he/she didn't get an answer.


      I'm using CC on a Windows 7 machine with a Microsoft Wireless 3000 keyboard/mouse and a USB Wacom tablet. I notice that sometimes my mouse is very laggy while the tablet works fine, and I wonder if there might be an additional lag in the keyboard that is causing Photoshop to think I'm typing or clicking something when I'm not. I don't remember if I'm clicking with the pen or the mouse when the bug happens; I'll try to notice if it happens again.


      Is there any way I can avoid this bug? Thanks so much.