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    When opening a document in CS6, it opens off-center


      When opening a CS6 InDesign document (.indd or .indt), it opens off-center (see screenshot of InDesign when opening a document). It doesn't matter if I have saved the document centered on the screen the last time it was opened; almost all documents open off-center. I am using the same screen and the same computer every time (Mac OS X v10.6.8).


      Also, sometimes it opens on the master page instead of page 1.


      I never had these problems before (in CS5) until we upgraded to CS6 yesterday. Neither of these changes are obvious in Preferences. How do I make all documents open on page 1, centered on my screen?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Documents should be opening in the last saved view. I don't believe you can guarantee page1 centered unless that's how they were closed.


          You might also have more success if you use the Application Frame...

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            RollingPress Level 1

            Thanks for the response, Peter! I always save my documents centered and on Page 1, so this is really baffling for me.


            Also I think I would go crazy using the Application Frame after years of working with floating frames. There has to be some way...

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              Vee S Level 1

              I know this thread is 2 years old, but I wanted to say that I'm having the same issue when opening documents. In my case I've gone from CS5 > CS6 > CC (Mac OS X 10.11.1). This is a new MacBook Air that I did a fresh install and then transferred over my old documents.


              I thought it might've been an issue with my older converted documents, but I'm noticing strange behavior even with newly created ones. For example, I'll create a new document with all the default settings, pan the document off center, then save and close it. When I reopen it, it goes back to being centered. And when I create another new document but this time zoom in and pan the document off center, it appears even further off center from where I originally put it.


              It's not a major issue, just an annoyance. I'll try to post some before/after screenshots soon.


              Test 1) Saved as off-centered, reopened as centered




              Test 2) Zoomed to 150% and saved as off-centered, reopened as even further off-centered



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                My experience is that this is a pasteboard driven problem. Play with the H and V pasteboard sizes in the preferences and you'll see what I mean. Try two small settings of 10 or 20 for example, and then larger settings of 400 each. It seems the upper left limit of the pasteboard determines the degree that the opening document is offset down and to the right when a document is opened. This would make it appear that ID is fixated on that upper left corner and this affects the setting of the opened document's initial view.


                I would think ID would fixate on the center of the pasteboard regardless of H and V amounts. (?)





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