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    Any info available about native HTML5 integration?

    HerkDriver Level 1

      Can anyone "in the know" at/near Adobe please comment on the possibility of integrating HTML5 output capability into Presenter?


      HTML5 is now an output option for Captivate, so when will Presenter get the same? 


      Presenter's glaring lack of support for mobile device access via HTML5 is going to soon drive our busines to Ariculate or iSpring, and that would admittedly be a headache for us at this point, but we are very quickly running out of reasons to stick with Presenter...  While Captivate is a nice tool, it's simply too much for our basic needs - a simple PowerPoint add-in service similar to Presenter is all we need.


      Yes, I understand there is a Presenter Mobile app available, but having to access content via an "app" is not an acceptable solution in this day & age - an "app" was an OK solution years ago, but c'mon now...


      Adobe -- I know you love your Flash, but when is Presenter going to also support HTML5?  I'd like to believe you understand that this lack of capability is driving some of your business to competitors, so please throw us a bone here about your plans to integrate HTML5...


      Thanks in advance,