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    How to get clear screen shots?


      All I need is a screen print of a spreadsheet to add to my Captivate demo. I've tried doing a screen grab via SnagIt and editing in Paint, but my end result remains blurry and hard to read. The spreadsheet takes up a normal size screen but I need it to fit in a 800 x 575 space. The users don't need it for detail, but I need something that's not blurry. See my Snagit result below.


      Screen Capture Help.png


      Also, I tried capturing this image using Captivate 6 but, althought it was the better quality shot, it doesn't provide me a full view of the spreadsheet in the size that I need.


      Is there anyway to get a good image that would accommodate my space restrictions.

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Since most columns are empty, would it not be better to make those columns smaller in the spreadsheet? When you try to squeeze such a big screenshot in a smaller resolution, tiny text will never be really readable, even though you keep the resolution. Those are bitmap images, not vector, which means that rescaling always leads to quality loss. And it is a very heavy downscaling that you are doing.

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            kimssim29 Level 1

            I was hoping there was something that I could do to provide the learner with a glance worthy image of this spreadsheet. I'll continue to consider how I can make this work. Thanks for responding Lilybiri!