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    I have a problem


      Hi, I have a problem, if you have any questions let me know.


      When I open Photoshop it loads completley fine, I then open a canvas (of any size) select the brush tool, and click and drag/squiggle with the mouse. What happens is a dot of color appears where I first clicked but nothing else-when I release the mouse button the dot remains on the canvas but the layer I'm on shows the line/squiggle.

      Then when I click to make another line the previous one appears on the active canvas and the new one does the same thing as previously described.



      I don't -think- it's anything wrong with my computer, it's brand new, has 12GB ram, 3 dedicated to PS, only been used for two days, also I'm using Photoshop CC.




      Why is my work appearing in the layers and not properly loading on the canvas?



      -Thank you for any help!

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can you post a screen shot?  Make sure your or layer isn't on disolve mode.

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            Chimera Level 1

            Here you go,


            Photoshop glitch.jpg


            Notice the layer how it has the full brush stroke and the canvas only has the dot. I've been workingin Photoshop for years, I hope I'd be good enough to not make any silly mistakes like selections or modes XD

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              Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That is odd.  Have you updated your graphic card drivers?  Often there is a lag when painting with a large brush, and I'm wondering if the graphic card is just quiting the refresh, as the full shape does appear in the layer thumbnail.  If you save the file and reopen it, does it show what you actually painted?

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                Chimera Level 1

                It's a brand new computer though, and my old one never had them updated (and was surely much older than this one) and I never had a problem like this D: but hey, I'll try anything.




                Oh. When I save it, it goes through the usual saving process with the screen white, but as soon as I click "okay" on maximize compatability the brush strokes load, and yes when it re-opens the brushes are there.

                They also load when I make a new layer, or turn one off and on.



                EDIT: I just tried, my driver is up to date, incase it matters it's an Intel(R) HD Graphics

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                  Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  It really sounds like a graphic card problem.  Intel cards are not very good for PS work.  If at all possible I would get a NVIDIA or AMD card.  I thinky you'll be so much happier!

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                    Chimera Level 1

                    Well "not very good" and "completley un able to process anything" are pretty different, I need a fix for this right now-thanks for helping but hopefully someone else will recognize my problem because I have neither the funds nor means to get a new graphics card :c


                    Thanks anyways!