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    Where should I tell PE 12 to put its working copies on my Mac


      When I initially set up PE on my Mac, I set the following for the working directories:

      Capture Video : Same as Project

      Capture Audio : Same as Project

      Video Previews: Same as Project

      Audio Previews: Same as Project

      Media Cache: Custom

      Disc Encoding: Same as Project


      Actually…I don’t remember setting Media Cache differently, so maybe it is the default.


      Anyway, this all seemed reasonable so I could tell how much was in each project and when I was done with  the project, make sure everything got cleaned out.  This worked pretty well since I manually move the media source files off to an external drive and if I need to work on the project again, bring them back to the same location.  The project files are all under one set of directories and the media source files are all under a different set.  Project directory stays small and grows slowly (as long as I make sure intermediate files are deleted), media directory expands and contracts in big increments based on what I manually do to bring media files into the SSD on my Mac or move off to slower NAS disks.


      Then I turned on Time Machine on my Mac.  I backup to an external USB 3.0 drive I periodically connect to my Mac (every couple of days).  I keep it disconnected and in a fireproof box for safety. I looked on my Mac after a couple of days of not doing backups and was short 70 GB on my drive.  Finder said I was using 226 GB out of 499 GB while adding up the directories only got me to 155 GB.  Did some searches on Mac support and found out that Time Machine keeps local copies on my Mac (one an hour, then one a day).  Also, it appears there is no way to disable the local copies or limit how much disk it uses.  I know all the Mac guys will say to “just let it be, it manages it for you”.  But since I want to be moving content on and off the SSD, that is not what I want.  But that is how it is.


      That brings me back to the PE working directories.  When I set up Time Machine, I excluded the large media folders when I set up Time Machine since I knew I was going to be moving stuff in and out of there.  Also I only read these files and have them already backed up elsewhere.  However, I did have it back up the directory structure where my PE project files since there is the bulk of my work.  I think that the Mac is backing up all the working files PE creates and deletes. 


      My plan now is to set all the working directories that are defined as “Same as Project” to new directory that I am going to create just for the Adobe working files and then exclude it from the Time Machine backup.  I will also point Media Cache to that same directory.


      My question is will it cause problems having a single location for all the projects?  I can create separate subdirectories for each of the types of files (i.e. AdobeWorkingArea/CaptureVideo, AdobeWorkingArea/CaptureAudio, etc.).   Also, is losing any of the data in these working directories an issue?  Is there one that I should keep with the project data and backed up?