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    Event Handler with parameters

    Zolotoj Level 3
      I am to create a generic event handler ro process XML returned from the server. Its name is this code is "loadFormData".
      Here is my code:
      var params:Object = new Object();
      params.requesttype = 'send';
      params.datarequest = 'xml';
      params.methodexecute = 'mProcessFileRequest';
      params.formname = "FileIdAction";
      params.fileid = parentApplication.cboFileList.id;
      var t:loadFileData = new loadFileData();
      xmlModuleData.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, t.loadFormData(ResultEvent, frmGeneral));
      var r:runXML = new runXML();
      r.getXMLData(xmlModuleData, params);

      It would work if I dont send any parameters to t.loadFormData. But then it is not a generic solution. Is it possible to send parameters to a callback function?