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    Creating forms with linked answers




      I'm trying to create a team registration form for a basketball tournament. The form would have 25 spaces for the team to fill out the names of what people will be sitting on their bench and then there will be a section to the right where you can click a dropdown box to choose their title whether it will be athlete, coach, trainer, or other. This form is going to be sent out to 10 different teams and then the information needs to be compiled so we know everyone attending and will be also used to create name tags and badges. Is there a way that when I'm exporting the results I can make sure that the name adn the title of the person stay together so I know which person is in which position? Since we will have over 250 results I want to make sure we will be able to sort the answers effectively


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          Assuming you create the form in FormsCentral (as opposed to importing an existing PDF form) the entries in the "Response Table" (on the View Responses tab) would be in the order of the fields in the form, so the Name field would have the Position field adjacent in the response table.  When you export that order would be retained.


          You should be able to use a FormsCentral form as you've described and should be able to understand the correlations in the exported data.


          You can certainly give this a test in a Free account by creating a mock form and submitting a handful of responses to see how the Response Table and exported data look.




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