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    PE11: Main Menu with 4 Main Menu Selections Sends the Pointer back to "Play All"


      I have four main menu selections on a "General, Plain" menu.  The program places the 4th selection on a second Main Menu page, and I see no way to include the 4th selection with the first three on the first page, so I only have one menu page.  The problem is, however, that, after burning to disc, and testing the disc, selecting any menu selection but the first one sends the pointer back to, "Play All".  I have a Main Menu marker at the beginning of each of the four clips, and a main menu stop marker at the end of each of the four clips.  Please help me find what I'm doing wrong, so my menu works correctly.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The only way to increase that number of movies that launch from the first Main Menu page is to use a template that includes more links from the Main Menu page. Likewise, any stop marker in your movie will return the viewer to the first Main Menu page.


          Frustrating as that may be, it's just a limitation of Premiere Elements' Movie Menu/disc authoring.


          This is why some people do their movie editing in Premiere Elements and then output the finished movie and author your DVDs and BluRays in a separate program, like DVD Architect Studio -- which is a much more versatile disc authoring system and can pretty much create menus that behave any way you'd like them to.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            The main menu and the scene menu are each designed for a certain number of main menu scene buttons. When you exceed the number of designed in buttons for the main menu, additional main menu pages will be generated. Each additional page will be a copy of the first. The same holds true for the scene selection page.


            From your report, you appear to have a menu with 3 designed in main menu buttons on the main menu. If you want to get all 4 buttons on one main menu page, then you need to go into the main menu's .psd file on the computer hard drive and edit it to add another button. For this .psd editing, Photoshop CS or higher is needed. Sometimes you can find a version of Photoshop Elements that will do the job. But, it is difficult to find such a version on a consistent basis.


            As for the use of stop markers on the Timeline, when you use them, the Play All of the Main Menu becomes meaningless. When the play back encounters a Stop Marker represented on the Timeline it returns to the Main Menu. Under no conditions put a stop marker at the end of the last item on the Timeline. Bad news and project subject to failures if so.


            What disc menu are you using? If you tell me which one, I may be able to come up with a very easy solution to the 4 movies on one main menu page issue. All done without the intervention of 3rd party software. Just Premiere Elements.





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              BoaterBob Level 1

              Steve, you've been helping me for 10+ years.  You're so honest as well when you say this is a shortcoming of the program.  How surprising as I know PE2 would do just about anything you wanted.  If you recommend DVD Architect Studio, then that's what I'll do.  (But, I better wait to see if there's any money left after Christmas!).  Thanks again.

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                BoaterBob Level 1

                A.T.Romono, thanks for your help.  Y'know, my grandchildren call me a wiz, but I use that term differently for my age because I do it so often, if you know what I mean.  If you could tell me where on my computer I can find the psd file that you mention, please, I can use all the help I can get.  If you can send me a template that works, along with where to stick it (carefully), you might get me through Christmas.  So, yes, that'd be great.


                I'm using the most plain menu in the general category that there is.  It's got a grey background, and I'd like to change that too, with absolutely no graphics, but the menu words.  You'd think that letting the program have its way, and letting it use two pages of menu's, with absolutely no changes on my part, it would work.  Hey, I'm flexible, I started splitting my 4 menu choice projects into 2 menu choices each just to accomodate Adobe.


                Any help you can offer would be greately appreciated.