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    Black bars on iPhone 5 in Ad Hoc build


      I'm working on a game for the iPhone/iPad. Everything seems to be working well and has been running nicely on devices, but I've been running into an issue with ad hoc builds on iPhone 5's running iOS 7.


      In the iOS simulator and on devices, when I do a debug build on a 4-inch iPhone it runs full screen, no problem. However, when I create an ad hoc build on all iPhone 5 devices it launches as if it had a 3.5" screen.


      I've got a Default-568h@2x.png launch image included.


      Is there a flag that I'm missing somewhere? This doesn't make any sense.


      I'm using Flash Builder 4.7 and AIR 3.9

      I'm running a Mac on OS 10.9


      Let me know what other info might be needed to help me figure this out.

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          JasonRelish Level 1

          I found that the problem was that the Default images weren't being included in the release builds. To fix it I created a new project from scratch and brought in my files bit by bit.


          The problem I'm having now is that after doing a successful build once, it's back to the same behaviour as before. This can't be the ongoing solution.