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    PE12 & Camera RAW

    MikeKPhoto Level 2

      Long time Photoshop user and very familiar with Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) and now I find PE12 uses ACR and I an trying to figure out the functionality and purpose in PE12.


      I have just upgraded from PE8 and this morning Adobe Application Manager tells me there is an ACR update for Photoshop CS6 and PE12. I have looked at the PDF manual and cannot find a reference. I have tried importing some RAW files (Canon & Nikon) they come in just fine but the import process does not fire up ACR.


      I have noticed the size of the ACR update is about 50 MB larger than the PE 12 variant - so that might be a clue.


      Anyone have any ideas on how ACR is used?





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          When you say "PE12" do you mean Premiere Elements 12 or Photoshop Elements 12?


          Camera RAW is uncompressed, unprocessed photo information. Photoshop Elements has a workspace in which you can open RAW and make adjustments to it.


          One of the many advantages to RAW is that the adjustments you make to it are not permanent until you output the finished photo as a JPEG, TIF or other photo format. You can always re-open the RAW file and reset all of the adjustments to zero.


          My book on Photoshop Elements goes into more detail and shows you how to use the RAW interface, if you're interested.


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            MikeKPhoto Level 2

            Sorry, I was referring to Premier Elements. I am more than familair with RAW processing through Photoshop (ACR8.3)  and Lightroom. It is the Premier Elements use of ACR that I am trying to figure out. When opening a RAW file in ACR for use in Photoshop, you are presented with an adjustments panel where you can modify white balance, reduce noise etc, but how does ACR in Premier Elements work? I have tried importing RAW files from Canon and Nikon into Premier Elements and they import - so I guess ACR for Premier Elements was used for the import - but no adjustment panel - so maybe ACR for Elements is a dumbed down version of the ACR used by Photoshop?



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              The ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) module is also used in PrE, to Import the Camera RAW files (Stills) into PrE, for say a SlideShow. It functions, just as ACR does in PsE, but with a difference, in PsE, one has the full "processing" capabilities of the ACR module, as Steve mentions.


              Good luck,



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                MikeKPhoto Level 2

                Thanks Bill, I think you just confirmed that the version of ACR for Premier Elements is a crippled version just used for importing RAW based images for stills etc.


                Wonder why Adobe did not give the same ACR functionality as the did with PSE - if you cannot make any image adjustments seems to be a tremendous waste of functionality as ACR is a very powerful tool and it does come with PSE which is in the same family as PRE


                For stills import I will continue to use ACR/Photoshop and import into PRE as a TIFF or PSD and not bother with the RAW import


                Edit: It would be nice if Adobe gave the additional functionality as you can use ACR (full) to crop an image to say 16:9 which would make life sweeter and give a more efficient workflow.


                Cheers and have a great weekend



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Well, PrE is a video editor, where PsE is an Image editor. Adobe's assumption is that for Image editing, one would want/have PsE, or Ps, or perhaps LightRoom (LR).


                  Personally, when I shoot RAW, I will process each Image in Photoshop with the ACR module, then will output to PSD, for Import into Premiere.


                  Good luck,



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Camera Raw 8.3 was just released for Photoshop Elements 12 Premiere Elements 12.


                    Camera Raw 8.3 installation enables you only to import raw and dng images into Premiere Elements 12 as media. You cannot open the Camera Raw dialog to edit raw image in the Camera Raw dialog unless you have Photoshop Elements 12 installed.


                    And it has always been the case that the full functionality of Camera Raw in Photoshop is seen, but not all features are enabled in Photoshop Elements.


                    I did not see the exchange of information between you and Hunt until after I had written this post. But, I thought I would post anyway to support the information and expand on it with the mention of the Camera Raw 8.3 just being released. Updates in Elements are via the Photoshop Elements 12 or Premiere Elements 12 Help Menu/Update.


                    http://blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2013/12/camera-8-3-for-photoshop-cc-and-photoshop- cs6-available-now.html



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                      nealeh Level 5

                      Here's a couple of screenshots showing ACR 8.3 in, first PSE12, then in PS-CS6. As you can see there are a lot of features not accessible in PSE. I believe PS-CC has even more RAW functionality (including the ability to add a RAW adjustment layer).




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