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    New Kobo Aura not recognized by ADE


      I have tried the suggestions already posted (uninstalling ADE, different version of ADE, moving ADE to C drive etc.) Kobo working fine otherwise, can download purchased books, just cannot download library files as the device does not show up in ADE.  The device icon also doesn't show up anywhere else on the computer. Where can I look for it?  Any other ideas would be helpful as I've been working on this on my own and with Kobo for the past 3 days and I am about to give up and return it as it's still on warranty. Many thanks.

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          sjpt Level 4

          The device icon also doesn't show up anywhere else on the computer. Where can I look for it? 


          Is this a tablet or dedicated eReader?  Tablet devices do not usually show up in ADE.

          (p.s. just looked it up and seen it is an eReader, so it should show up).


          In either case it needs to be connected to the computer on a USB connection; it's wireless does not work for this.

          Then open 'My Computer' (Windows Explorer; exactly how to get there varies a little with different Windows versions) ~ or Mac Finder as equivalent on Mac.

          This should show various drives, including C: (your main drive), and the Kobo as another drive (quite possibly it will look something line 'Kobo eReader (E:)').

          You can then drag drop borrowed books directly from your computer (probably at C:\Users\<userid>\Documents\My Digital Editions, or My Documents\My Digital Editions)

          onto the Kobo.


          If it doesn't show up there it certainly won't show up in ADE.



          Some devices (such as my Sony) don't show up in ADE unless you also install extra device specific code.

          Check you Kobo manual to see if there is extra Kobo software you should install as well as ADE.

          Or just use Explorer to do the copying.


          Some devices do not show up at all in ADE2.0/2.0.1.

          Also, some devices (such as my Sony) don't work correctly withADE2.0/2.0.1 and library books.

          In either of those situations, try the older more reliable v1.7.2,


          There are lots of bugs in ADE2.0 (and 2.0.1).  Try replacing ADE2.0 with the older but more reliable v1.7.2.

          (You can have them both installed at once if you like.)

          Version 1.7.2, it is a little difficult to find, available on Adobe site for Windows and for Mac.


          The forum software is sometimes corrupting the link above.  There shouldn't be a blank in 'editio ns.html'.  The following redirects to the same page: http://tinyurl.com/diged172



          Some people have found ADE trying to upgrade automatically. 

          It appears (not 100% sure) that if you install ADE2.0 as a new install (not as an upgrade) that your 1.7.2 will continue to run.

          Probably best to say no if 2.0.x installation asks if you want to migrate your library.

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            hopeless27 Level 1

            thanks for your reply. The Kobo Aura is the newest in the line of Kobo e-readers (the Touch, Glo are earlier versions). I am using Windows 8.  When I connect the device with its USB to my computer, it does not show up in Computers, C or E Drives etc. I have replaced the Kobo USB cable with a new Kobo USB to make sure it isn’t that, and it still doesn’t show up. I’ve tried it in another USB port.  I still haven’t tried it on another computer. It looks like either a cable problem or a windows software problem...  I have downoaded purchased books onto it from Kobo, however I suspect they may have downloaded just thru the wifi connection.  I plan on replacing the device today since it’s under warranty. I’ll try the replacement and see if it shows up on the computer, and if so will try your recommended steps to follow...

            Greatly appreciated your help...


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              hopeless27 Level 1

              just tried the device at my computer specialist's on windows 8 and he had no problem recognizing the device. I'm on a new Asus large all in one computer and he thinks it's something to do with how the computer is configured. I'll work on that before I return it..

              thks again



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                sjpt Level 4

                Good luck with that ....