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    help with   After Effects CS6-

    pathart08@yahoo.com Level 1

      I did something to piss off after effects -    not sure what I did exactly I was trying to make an after effects icon on the dock ( I have a MacBook pro  running mavericks )


      I have a subscription to the creative cloud - and have downloaded after effects CS6 .  but....



         Now when  I try  to open one of my  After effects projects it says "  Error message - something about I need to uninstall the older version of after- effects ,  - and then it listed a preset ( blur)

      and when I close the window , there were approximately 30  similar windows  with the same message , but a different preset,( blur this or that )


      So like an idiot I went to my applications and dragged my after effects app icon to the trash  ( there were two of them)  and then emptied the trash-  Now all my After effects files are greyed out with  small green text that says "exec"


      what should I do?  I cant opn my AE   (after effects) files,  I went to the cloud to re-install it and it says it is alll updated ,  should I do a uninstall?  How do I do that?   can I do that and then re-install AE CS6?     will  adobe make me download the newer CC version?   I dont want that version because all the computers at my school run CS6

      Can someone advise me what the next step would be?

      Im grateful for this forum.Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 11.58.15 PM.pngScreen Shot 2013-12-13 at 11.43.11 PM.png