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    CF8 Verity Indexing

    PHRED-SE Level 1
      I've been using Verity to build collection of data from my database systems for several years now using CF5 and CF6.1. I recently upgraded my system to CF8. While searching these collections is 5 to 6 times faster, indexing these collections is SIGNIFICANTLY slower.

      My system has some 50+ screens that I use to collect and store data into either MSAccess or SQL Sever databases. There are 26 different collections that I use to store this data in. After the data from each screen is stored in the datbase, I then update the pertinent collection based upon the screen and database table(s) where the data is being stored. The collections are a compromise between number of screens and tables. This enables users to always be searching the most current data. Every night we run a scheduled task to rebuild all of the collections because this continual add/dropping of data during the day chops up the Verity collections.

      I noticed two thing after creating the new CF8 collections: Indexings is 2 to 3 times slower that it was in CF8. Searching is 5 to 6 time faster than it was. I'm wondering two things at this point:
      1. Is this a common experience amoung CF6 to CF8 users?
      2. Is there some different technique that you have to use to index collections using CF8 that will improve the indexing speed?

      Thank you in advance for your insight in this matter.