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    Indesign CS6 looks unsharp, crappy and ugly on retina display


      Indesgin CS6 is the only application in CS6 Design suite that doesn't support HiDpi (RETINA) displays correctly.

      For Acorbat X I had to purchase Acrobat XI to get a Adobe premium (and expensive) product on par with the free PDF Reader or OSX Preview display qualities.


      For Indesgin CS6 I don't see such an option, since the CC subscription is no option for me (I don't need Indesign on a regular basis and refuse to pay a monthly fee if I need it for a few days... therefore I am much better off with the purchase model... especially for corporate tax laws in Germany).


      I hereby request an update for Indesign CS6 to support Retina. If this is not possible, I have to look for other options in my future purchases.


      Thanks a lot!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It is not possible for CS6. It was added as part of the conversion to 64-bit that was done for CC.

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            Gerben Wierda Level 1

            I am in the same situation. I was under the false impression something had been done with CS6 and retina, but it turns out the display on a retina display is indeed a disaster. I use ID CS6 incidentally to update a book I have written. I chose ID CS6 because there was an attractive price point (it is not that one gets rich from writing a book) and I expect to be able to use software for 3-4 years minimum.


            Now, if I want to use the retina-capable ID, I need to subscribe to CC, get all the apps I do not need, pay a hideously high fee, take a contract for at least a year (for something I use for a month, in stints twice a year or so).


            I understand the 64bit thing, but please Adobe, do not force-feed me all the apps on a subscription model. Just offer the apps in bundles as you used to do. I *HATE* the subscription model with its 'special price' for the first year (and double that after). I *HATE* the way I am forced to pay for stuff I do not need if I want to use ID. I hate to have to enter into a situation where I cannot be sure I can use something in the future.


            If the subscription model stays, the only option I have in the end, is to try to find another solution than ID. I totally agree with what someone wrote on the Scientific American web site:

            Adobe has offered absolutely no "back out plans." If you have to quit paying, your files are locked into the latest version. It's this lock-in that worries many of us most. I can pay the monthly fee. But what if I get laid off, and can't afford $50 a month? As a visual artist, I need access to my files and software. To have it whisked away after months and eventually years of paying for it is nightmare-inducing. Why Adobe can't "freeze" your current versions and let you perpetually use what you have already paid for, I can't imagine. But it's the main reason I cannot get involved in this subscription scheme.

            Using CC means I can never stop, because when I do I lose access to my own stuff. Not acceptable.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              I understand the concern, but the reality is subscriptions are here to stay. I wrote this up a little while back: http://boblevine.us/why-creative-cloud-subscription-software-is-here-to-stay/


              That said, you seem to be under the impression that you have to subscribe to everything. You can subscribe just to InDesign for $19.99/month.


              Finally, this is a user to user forum. There's nobody here can do anything to help you. If you've just come to rant, that's fine, too. I hope you feel at least just bit better.

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                Gerben Wierda Level 1

                Thanks for replying.


                No I did not come just to rant. I came for a solution on how unexpectedly ugly (and here andthere unreadable, as in images) ID CS6 looked on my retina MBP.


                And no, I do not feel better. I feel screwed. I have invested a large amount of time and effort in getting the book done in ID (I even thanked Peter Spier in my first edition for his help on this forum to solve a few serious issues I had).


                And now I find out that if I want to continue with ID, I need to upgrade to a construct where I need to perpetually pay a fee or lose access to my own work. I feel Adobe is trying to get me ultimately locked in, and I do not like it. I like ID. I like how I could create a nice (some say beautiful) book. I hate having to say goodbye, but a perpetual lock in of this kind is a too high a price to pay.


                And yes, as it is now, I can take a one-month subscription to get access. But I have to pay that every time this occurs (think of small editorial changes that happen once in a while). And no guarantuees that this kind of short time or affordable pricing stays. Yes, it can all turn out well. But I am completely at the mercy of Adobe and that gives a pretty unfree feel to it all. It is a type of blackmail: pay or you won't have access to your own stuff anymore.


                This is not like my TV subscription (I can change provider without a hassle). This is like using a camera to record my family movies only to find out that the camera was cheap because I have to keep paying every time I want to access my own work for a future price that is uncertain. I will do it if I have to (if there is no reasonable alternative). And if I cannot find a reasonable alternative, that suggests from my perspective that Adobe is wielding monopoly power here. And I do not like that either.


                For many the price may be reasonable and I can understand many of the advantages. But the fact that I become completely dependent on whatever Adobe decides in the future is for me an unacceptable risk. Many people ignore risks. If this risk does not turn into reality they will be vindicated. If it does, they are screwed too.


                It would be OK if the subscription price was for regular updates and the version you have just keeps working. And if you do not subscribe, you need to pay the full amount if you need to update. But now it is, pay or be locked out.


                BTW, subscribing to just ID costs >$30/month over here.

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Like I said, I understand, but it's not going to change. Adobe is in this

                  for the long haul and I suspect they're not going to be the last software

                  company to go this route.

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                    Gerben Wierda Level 1

                    If many companies do, the risks involved may force people to go Open Source. I'm now investigating Scribus and have decided not to do my next project in ID in any case, I only update my current one.