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    Problem Importing SWFs in After Effects


      Hi, I've recently been working on an animated project, using Flash CC to animate characters and After Effects CC to build scenes and create more advanced camera moves. The issue is that the SWFs seem to get stuck part way through, and occasionally glitch between the final frame and the frame they are stuck on.

      My setup consists of the following:

      • After Effects CC (I had been using CS6 at the start of the project, but installed CC to try and fix the issue I'm having)
      • It is fully up to date
      • OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
      • CPU: i7 3820 (stock clock, hyperthreading enabled, all four cores enabled)
      • RAM: 16GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz in quad channel (4x4 sticks)
      • GPU: AMD Radeon 6970 stock clock (I know I should be using an Nvidia card in an ideal world, but I'm using Classic 3D so it shouldn't be an issue)
      • 1x128GB OCZ Vertex 4 (where Windows and Creative Suite are installed, also set as the cache drive in AE)
      • 1x1TB WD Elements Green Drive (where to project is saved)
      • The only third party I/O hardware present is my Fast Track C400 audio interface, and I can't imagine that would have an affect
      • The only source files are the SWFs for characters and Illustrator files (converted to shape layers) for backgrounds
      • I am getting no error messages
      • The problem doesn't start until the project is closed and re-opened upon adding a new Flash element, each works fine until AE is restarted
      • This has never worked, I had the same issue in CS6, I only upgraded to CC in the hope it would fix this issue
      • Quicktime 7.7.4 is installed
      • I generally have all other applications closed at the time, although I may leave Illustrator, Flash or Premiere open by accident sometimes
      • In CS6 I had DUIK installed but not being used, as well as Ease and Wizz, I have nothing installed in CC as I no longer use those plugins
      • As far as I'm aware everything is being CPU rendered
      • It happens in both RAM preview and final output
      • It is set to use all threads on a single frame rather than rendering multiple frames at once
      • As mentioned above, I am using Classic 3D, as ray traced 3D is painfully slow without an Nvidia card
      • I first export the SWF from Flash (I have tried multiple different Flash versions on my output, all seem to have the same issue, the problems described aren't present on the SWF, just inside of AE), I then import the SWF into After Effects and then drop it into the compostion, all works fine until After Effects is re-started.