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    JIT debugging error/RoboHelp crashing when importing a SWF

    TabbyW Level 1
      Hello team,

      I’m wondering if anyone might understand this error message I get each time I
      import the accompanying page to a SWF file into my RoboHelp project. The import
      action seems to crash RoboHelp, and gives me the JIT debugging error found
      [L=here (see the 1st error) ].

      I successfully imported 2 other Flash pages in, but the SWFs for those pages
      are significantly smaller (1 MEG vs. 8 MEG). I’m hoping that RoboHelp does not
      have a file size limitation for the tutorials.

      If you can decipher this error, I would very much appreciate it...or if you have
      other ideas for how I can incorporate this tutorial into my project, please let
      me know. Please feel free to pass this message on to whoever might be able
      to help me.

      Thanks so much!!