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    Can i just show the pop-menu gif and not the links when sending to a printer?

      I would like the navigation gif of my pop-menu to display when the user prints my webpage, but not all the navigation links below it. So far in my print.css style sheet I have the table container to display: none; But I'd like to show the gif of the navigation bar and not the links print below it. Is this possible - since Fireworks creates an html with a div of a table container?

      display: none;
      I think I want it to display the navigation bar which is the gif in the code below ( but it is inside the div of the table container)
      <img name="PopMenu_2" src="PopMenu/PopMenu.gif" width="780" height="20" border="0" id="PopMenu" usemap="#m_PopMenu" alt="" />

      And thoughts are greatly appreciated! thanks