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    Why does Flash install Google Toolbar?


      Why does Flash install Google Toolbar? Honestly, do you have ANY idea how annoying that behaviour is? I had no option at all to not download it, I could not stop downloading it. I was taking from a "you need to install flash" button on Facebook to the download.


      Honestly things like this make me rage, installing things automatically without an option.


      Until now, I used to think that it was annoying that Apple wouldn't allow flash on some of their devices. Now Adobe pulls **** like this, I'm not surprised. To hell with Flash I say.

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          Ergon Level 1

          Also, don't tell me that "If you click this link you can download it from there and it has the option". That is not my point.


          My issue is that the average PC joe doesn't understand this and clicks the download, then Adobe contributes to filling their PC's with crap.

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            Mike M Level 6

            This is a user-to-user forum, and you're "preaching to the choir" here. IT ISN'T going to change, and NO ONE from Adobe management ever sees or reads these pages. Employees are here from time to time but no one who makes these decisions participates in these forums, per company policy. (I used to work for Intuit, and we were strictly prohibitied from posting in their forums. A team leader I worked with was fired for it).

            Links to the FULL installers are posted literally HUNDREDS of times each week throughout these pages by myself, and at least three others I know of, who volunteer in these pages daily.

            Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

            Flash Player Plug-in (All other browsers)


            I DON'T run Adobe and no one here does, so I won't even beging to discuss business ethics.

            The solutions have been offered, and I recommend you update NOTHING, including your OS, automatically. I don't because I don't want junk like Ask Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, Bing Toolbar, Bing Desktop, Norton or McAfee on any of my nine systems.