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    How can I capture a single video frame and save as an image in PS CS6 Extended?


      I have checked similar posts on this subject, but I have a problem doing this:


      I "File>Open" a video clip [.m2ts file type] into PS CS6 Extended.


      PS sets the "Pixel Aspect Ratio" for "HDV 1080/DVCPRO HD 720 (1.33)"


      PS then warns of "Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction" for preview purposes only, and that it should be turned off for maximum image quality.


      I advance the "Timeline" to the specific frame I wish to capture.


      I simply "File>SaveAs" for a JPG image - as has been suggested.


      Both the On-screen and saved images are grossly pixelated at 1440 x 1080.

      Furthermore, the saved image is an incorrect aspect ratio - regardless of how I have the "Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction" set.

      It produced a jpg image size of 1440 x 1080 at 635 KB.


      I clearly do not know what I am doing...

      Have I missed a process - either with the file type I open, or once opened in PS CS6 and set to the desired frame?


      Adobe Bridge will display each frame in a high-quality preview - which I could be happy with, but found no capture/save tool there.


      I went back to the software that came with the video camera and saved a frame image from the video clip just fine.

      It produces a jpg image size of 2304 x 1296 at 2.63 MB with the correct aspect ratio.


      After you stop laughing ... can you let me know what I really need to do to get the correct result in PS CS6?