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    Grainy raw file!


      My raw file in camera raw looks fine (no grain).  When I open in photoshop it's grainy.  Am I doing something wrong?

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Am I doing something wrong?

          For one thing you seem to have omitted doing a Forum search, which would likely have turned up this for example:


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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            I don't know.  Are you viewing at the same zoom settings?  You can check at 100% in ACR using the same Ctrl Alt 0 (Cmd Opt 0) as inside Photoshop, and that is a good thing to do anyway if looking for noise or chromatic aberation type artefacts.


            If you definitely have an unexplained problem, give us some more information.


            1. Operating system?
            2. Photoshop version
            3. Camera used
            4. Typical settings used in ACR (a heavily pushed image will have noise - especially in the shadow areas).
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              Julz1626 Level 1

              Hi Trevor, thanks for your help.  When viewing at the same zoom it is still different.  But you pointing this out has helped me a bit. 


              I'm running a toshiba satellite, cs5, canon 7D and only need to adjust exposure .2-1.0.  I wouldn't think this would be heavily worked.  I'd understand if it was shadow areas but this isn't.  I just couldn't understand why the image I was viewing in acr isn't the same in photoshop.  Never had this prob before.  Thought I may have changed a setting somehow. 

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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                I believe some of the earlier 7Ds had noise problems.  This thread only goes back to April this year, so that doesn't sound like older models.




                We have had posters speak about grain and noise which turned out to be related to Cache levels.  Go Preferences > Performance and make sure your cache is set to 2 or more to eliminate that one.


                But I guess the bottom line is that you wouldn't expect to see any difference in ACR and when open in Photoshop. Least ways not from a noise/grain point of view.  Check the cache setting and if that doesn't help, come back to us