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    Digital Signature Turns Invalid while setting the Property Dynamically to an Input Field


      I have an Input box that turns mandatory only if a check box is clicked.

      The Script goes Something Like This;


      if(chkbox.rawValue === 1){

           inputField.mandatory = "error";

           inputField.mandatoryMessage = "This Field cannot be left Blank";

           inputField.presence = "visible";

      } else {

           inputField.mandatory = "disabled";

           inputField.mandatoryMessage = "";

           inputField.presence = "hidden";



      I am working with Assembler Service and the Signature field is placed in the cover page after which this form is attached.

      Any clue of why the property change Invalidates the Signature?


      Note: The stand alone form where the Check box and Input field is present doesnot have a preSign event as this form doesnot contain a Signature field unless its merged using assembler. This Script is added to the Click Event of the Checkbox.




      Mahesh Krishnan