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    photoshop touch - problem...

      i bought this app for my samsung galaxy s3 (android) yesterday!
      it is not rooted!
      i still haven´t been able to start working with photoshop touch, cause every time i  try to import a photo, the app crashes and restarts!
      i´ve tried to restart the phone several times and i´ve also cleared the cache/ data for all my photo apps (including photoshop touch) and for the photo gallery and reinstalled photoshop touch, but i´m still having the same problem!
      i need this thing working asap!
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          greule Adobe Employee

          Could you tried to  clear the gallery cache and reboot your device again. This helped for other users.




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            brynte5 Level 1

            i´ve tried that many times and sometimes it works after that, but mostly it doesn´t!

            i´ve searched the internet for solutions for the problems with this app and it´s obvious that a lot of customers are having problems!

            if the app starts is completely random and importing a photo works maybe 3 times out of 50 and that definately indicates a problem!


            since the problems described above, i´ve come a little further!

            i finally managed to save a photo in your app and since then, every time i start your app and load that saved photo, it loads properly and i can finally get to working with it!

            since then, i actually haven´t attempted to import another photo again, so i don´t know if there´s any stability improvement regarding that, or if it just goes back to crashing again!


            another huge problem has ocurred though, so i´m still a very unhappy customer so far!

            i´ve tried to work with that photo i successfully imported and saved!

            i start working with it and every single time so far, the app suddenly and unexpectedly crashes after a while!

            so i just have to start all over again and have done so about 20 times now!

            getting increasingly frustrated with this app!

            i realise that your app is totally awesome when it works like it should, but unfortunately it doesn´t!

            hoping for a quick fix for all stability problems asap!


            kind regards!