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    Video bouncing up and down


      Hi. I have Adobe Premier Elements 12. Please, why is there a slight bounce, up and down, to a video I am working with in the timeline ? The video is in 3 parts. There is an ident and the beginning and end, which is fine, but the main part of the show is me talking, and that is the one which is bouncing. I have also rendered this, and saved it, but this has made no difference. It's uploaded to You Tube, so if you want to see what is happening it's here :  http://youtu.be/IAR-XHymdUk   . Please go past the first 15 seconds to the main show (me talking) to see this, Please can you tell me what I'm doing wrong. I was using Elements 9 for 4 years with no problem.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Here are some fairly recent posts on "bouncing" video:






          There might well be some useful info in those.


          It would be helpful to know a few things about your particular problem:


          What are your Project's settings, either chosen at New Project, or by dragging your first Imported Clip to the Timeline?

          What are the full specs. of the Video Clips? More info, the better.

          What OS versions are you running?


          Good luck, and please let us know a bit more.



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Your Vimeo video is locked to private viewing, so we can't see it.


            But it sounds like what you're describing is an interlacing issue.


            What are your Project Settings (including Field Dominance) under the Edit menu?


            And what model of camcorder is the "bouncy" video coming from and what format and resolution is  it?

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              ChrisReardon Level 1

              Hi Steve. I deleted that link now as I didn't want people to see it unfinished. How stupid to do that before you boys had a chance to look. I am uploading again now.

              When it's uploaded it will be here :  http://youtu.be/4JbLa3ld4r0

              Project settings are :


              DV PAL  (greyed out)

              Timebase  25.00  (greyed out)


              Frame size 720 x 576

              Pixel Aspect Radio  D1/DV PALWidescreen 16:9 (1.4587)  (greyed out)

              Fields (Upper field first  (greyed out)

              Display format  25fps  Timecode


              Title Safe Area 20 % horizontal   20% vertical

              Action Safe Area 10% horizontal  10% vertical



              Capture  Format   DV


              Video render


              unticked maximum bit depth



              Flie format Microsoft AVIDVPAL (greyed out)

              Compression    DVPAL (greyed out)


              ticked  optimise stills


              None of this above means very much to me. I am not techinically savvy with any of this. All I know is that with Premier elements 9 it just all worked fine.


              The camcorder I am using is a Canon Legria FS200

              It is set to Standard Play 6Mbps



              Bill - I opened a "new project".

              Where you ask "specs for video clips" - I am not sure what you mean. I have right clicked & "properties" on the main clip, if this is what you mean, and got this lot :

              Type   MPEG Movie

              File Size 3.2GB

              Image size 720x576

              Frame rate 25.00

              Source Audio Format 48000Hz-compressed-stereo

              Project Audio Format 48000Hz - 32bit floating point-stereo

              Total duraction

              Pixel Aspect ratio 1.4587


              My computer is running Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2

              Intel 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz    2.39 GHz

              4.00GB Ram

              32 bit


              Thanks boys. Doing my nut in this !


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                ChrisReardon Level 1

                Also, I am exporting in Windows Media Video 9

                720 x 480  16:9  29.97


                unticked allow interlaced processing

                encoding passes 2

                Bitrate variable unconstrained


                Video is up there now - although you'll have to go to about 30 mins in. Looks like I havn't pulled up the video bar for the first 30 mins DUH !


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                  ChrisReardon Level 1

                  I have tried some more things now - to no avail. Same results :

                  1.Saving with each seperate clip being Reversed field dominance.


                  2.Saving with the thing being :

                  ticked allow interlaced processing.


                  All other options the same as above messages.

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                    ChrisReardon Level 1

                    Anyone have any idea's of what else I may try to resolve this please ? I have found 2 workarounds that work :

                    1.Saving in "Adobe Flash Video  -HD 1080p (Flash 9 & higher)1920 x 1080

                    Problem with that though, is the the file size is 3 times what it usually is.


                    2. Uploading the bouncing video to You Tuibe, and then using their "stabalise" feature under "enhancements".


                    As I say, both are workarounds, but not really sorting out what is going wrong.


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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      I came across this 2010 thread from here that appears to discuss a video's bottom edge distortion. Please check it out.



                      I will continue to look for an explanation that might be specific to your situation. In Google searches, some have seen this even if VCR was not involved. There are more workarounds, cropping and such, versus explanations.




                      Add On...links


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                        ChrisReardon Level 1

                        Thank you. It's so annoying. II am doing exactly the same as with my old Adobe Premier Elements version 7. Same settings and everything. There was NO PROBLEM with 7 at all. I thought it would be a good idea to update to 12. How wrong I was.