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    Search for Paragraph After

    PurplePlumUK Level 1

      HI, thanks for stopping by.


      I'm really not expecting this to be possible.


      I seem to some how have text in my InDesign document which has a paragraph after space of over 100mm. I've no idea how it's crept in as I've not spaced any text like that.


      When I copy any text in the document to use, I'm finding I'm constantly having to change the paragraph after space to 0. (I've not used styles on this text yet - usual story of 100miles an hour work, rush rush,.... tragic).


      So is there a way I can do a Find/Change on the document for "Paragraph after over 100mm" to eradicate it?


      Thanks. Like I say, I'm not expecting this to be possible, but always worth a try.


      Have a good day and thanks for showing interest.