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    style button has quit working

    PCNoviceMesa Level 1

      I have followed instructions in ATR part 1 text animations. when I bound the text with selection tool and then choose style and apply, nothing happens. I thought maybe it didn't work as I was practicing with many title choices; etc. caroon and movie genre. then I went back to plain default text and still did not work. it was working yesterday, now not. text font, color, gradient all work, but not style. this is frustrating to have to send a note for a solution. where is the PrE12 manual that I can access myself and look it up? thank you.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I have just made the following note in another thread where you mention a problem with Premiere Elements 12 Titler Styles.


          First thing we need to rule in or out is the known problem with Premiere Elements 12 Expert workspace Titler Styles.


          Check to see if Style application works when you switch to Quick workspace.


          This glitch was pointed out only recently in one of the user forums. I had not run into prior to that.


          There is often lots that do not surface in books and manuals regarding this type of glitch. That is what makes the user to user forums so valuable.


          Looking forward to your results and then we can decide what next depending on your results.


          If we rule out the Expert-Quick known Titler Styles issue, we can proceed from there.





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            PCNoviceMesa Level 1

            Thanks for reply and I read thru the thread. I posted my frustration. I hope it can be fixed. I echo another post that I am  glad that it is the software and not my abilities, but that doesn’t fix the problem.Experts like you need to lean on Adobe.