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    Scale to Fill in Edge Animate?


      In Adobe Muse it's possible to set the background to "Scale to Fill" - what this does is sets the minimum height and width of the background image to 100% so it always fills the full screen, but it also protects the aspect ratio of the image so that it never distorts.


      I'm attempting to make an image in Edge Animate, now, that accomplishes that same thing.  I need it made in Edge as opposed to just putting it as the background in Muse because I want to apply a transition effect to it, but it just hasn't worked at all here.  When I set the width of the image to 100% and set the height to 'auto%' it makes it so that blank space below the image appears if the page gets too narrow.  Next, I tried setting the width to 'auto%', the height to 100%, and setting the minimum width to 100%.  All that did was made it so it was always 100% height and there would appear the blank space to the right of the image.


      Here's a link to a zipped folder I made of the Edge file:  [URL=http://www.4shared.com/zip/r4xEN2iR/EdgeResizeProblem.html]EdgeResizeProblem.zip[/URL]


      (http://www.4shared.com/zip/r4xEN2iR/EdgeResizeProblem.html just in case that above link doesn't work.)


      Here's a link to a Muse site that does exactly what I want the image to do:  http://mwmediaconsulting.businesscatalyst.com/index.html


      I can't help but feel that a 'Min H' function would solve this, but I'm not sure because the 'Min W' didn't seem to work either.


      Any solutions anybody knows of or can find?  I can code if absolutely necessary, but it'd be nice if there were a quick and convenient option available from within Edge Animate so I don't have to code.