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    Roll back to previous version of Premiere CC

    Rdrr Level 1

      This might help someone. I was having allot of issues after I updated to 7.2 with audio dissolves and playback so I reverted back to 7.1. This is how to do it:


      Follow links on this thread on how to download version 7.0.1:


      *its about halfway down the page

      *Make sure you click the first link and leave it open in the background before you click on the download links otherwise you wont get access.


      Download update for whatever version you want to roll back to:



      You need to download two files to install Premiere CC 7.0.1. There is an installer (.exe) and all the files (.7z). Once both are downloaded click the .exe and that will install Premiere.


      Then unzip the update and install.


      Good Luck!