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    How to transfer ebook to my partner




      I have bought a couple of ebooks protected with adobe ade. I have read and enjoyed them and would like to share them with my wife so she can read them on her ereader. How do I do this?


      Thanks, Blair

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          sjpt Level 4

          Easiest is if you can share Adobe IDs.

          If one or the other of you doesn't have any books on their ID yet, that is easy.  Just use the other ID for both of you.


          If you already have books associated with both IDs, you can keep swapping between two IDs, but  not very convenient.

          Or buy a second device, also not very practicable.


          Or you could resort to DRM stripping; probably not justified in this situation.

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            izjusme Level 1

            Thanks sjpt,


            It's how to do the swapping between ids that I can't find how to do, i.e. transfer the book to her id. DRM is inconvenient at best but I thought the idea was you could only have one owner (i.e. one copy like a real book) but that you could loan or transfer that book to someone else (like a real book).


            We both have separate adobe ids associated attached to our own email addresses and I just want to transfer this book to her now so that she takes over my copy, or even just to loan it to her if that's the only option.


            I will look into stripping again but so far my attempts haven't been successful. Links often end up at sites I have no way to trust and the steps published don't work as described.

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              sjpt Level 4

              I don't know of any loan or transfer mechanism in ADE or the Adobe inept ADEPT DRM system.

              You can only have one owner, and can't transfer.

              eg No way to change the ID on a book.


              BUT the owner (ID) can have up to 6 devices, so can be more than one person.


              To change the ID on a copy of ADE, ctrl-shift-D (cmd-shift-D on Mac)  to unregister, then reregister with the other ID

              To change the ID on an ereader, ctrl-shift-E (cmd-shift-E on Mac)  to ADE with the device plugged in, then reregister.

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                izjusme Level 1

                Ok, thanks for your reply. That seems to be where the answer was heading but I was hopeful I overlooked something.


                As you say not very convenient, and not really practical for us. I'll either figure out how to strip the drm or just not buy any more ebooks. If we have to each pay to read the same book it defeats the purpose of buying a book, especially when the prices are near or sometimes more than paper. If they want to licence each reader the prices should be much less.


                Anyway, just frustrated.

                Thanks again.