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    windows 8.1 can't watch videos in any browser



      After updating to windows 8.1, i can't watch videos in any browser on youtube, twitch, hulu, etc. Videos load extremely slow, dont load at all, or stop loading after a few seconds. I am able to watch videos offline or downloading a video then watching through vlc. I mainly use chrome


      Things I've tried:

      updating drivers

      updating flash player

      reinstalling flash player

      reverting to flash player 10.3

      disabling chrome's pepperflash

      enabling pepperflash and disabling the non integrated flash player

      using flash player 12 beta


      Websites load slow/improperly in general also. do i reinstall chrome?

      Even html5 videos load very slowly or stop loading with 15mb/s connection. Is the problem with my internet, windows, the browsers, or flash player?



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          Mike M Level 6

          Some of what you have done was just practice.

          The thing about Chrome's Flash Player is that it functions independently of the ActiveX or Standard plugin. The Global Flash Settings Manager in your Control Panel manges storage settings for all three, but ActiveX only affects IE, the Standard only affetcs Firefox (or Opera or Safari if you have them installed) and "PepperFlash" only affects Chrome. The Flash beta won't have any effect on PepperFlash either.
          The good part is that you have plenty of knowledge about where things are how to uninstall/install them now.   The HTML5 videos don't use any plugin. Your browser can play them on its own. The fact that they're having problems too, leads me to believe the root of the troubles is outside of Flash and your browser(s), though.


          These steps have helped some Chrome users get Flash working again.


          1. Exit chrome, make sure it is not running

          2. Using Windows explorer go to C:\users\[user name]\AppData\local\Google\Chrome\User data\Pepperflash

          3. Delete the folders you see there

          4. Start chrome again, it should work now.



          [user name] is your logon name.

          In order to access the AppData folder, you need to "Show Hidden Files and Folders" in your Folder Options.

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            alecmanabat Level 1

            thanks for the reply. Deleting the folder didn't solve the problem sadly.

            Also,  html5 videos are now working in all browsers. i guess it was just my internet acting up.

            However, flash videos still stop loading in firefox and chrome. If you have any ideas on how to fix it it would be greatly appreciated