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    Hosting website on BC but using Network Solutions for receiving emails

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      We have our domain name registered through Network Solutions and our emails also go through them. We went live with our Muse website (www.martellaprinting.com) by changing the A Record on NS's end by pointing to IP address Previously, our website was pointing to some other IP 74.xxx.xxx.xx. We were advised not to redelegate to BCs World securesystems name servers because we wished to continue using NetSolutions for emails and not wipe out our existing MX records. I obtained the MX records plus 2 CNAME records, one was mail.martellaprinting.com and the other smtp.martellaprinting.com. I've spoken with NetSolutions and they say everything looks fine on their end (MX records, CNAME records.) What do I need to do in the Business Catalyst Site Settings/Site Domains? All of this is happening because, of course, we can no longer receive our emails via the email client (Thunderbird.)