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    Repeating Header

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      using ID CC:

      As attached I want to set a title per chapter which should then automatic repeat itself in the following pages (in another font).

      When adding a new page at the end of the chapter, the titletext from the first page should be automatic created.


      First I used section marks for this in the master pages. But as the header consists sometimes of 2 rows, and section marks cannot handle with word wraps - I don't know what might be the smoothes solution for handling?


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What you want is a Running Header variable, but it may not work, depending on how you set up, because variables cannot wrap to a second line.


          If you give us more information about this header we might be able to suggest ways to break it into two parts. Short of that, you can always creat a master page ithe the correct header for each section.

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            wQranger Level 1

            Master page it's a bad solution I think, as I got hundreds chapters (manual) an therefore would need x extra masterpages. Further I would like to create perhaps an index on this TITLE.


            The Header is just a itemisation of "products" within a "product family":

            Chapter 1: product blue, product red , product green...

            Chapter 2: product yellow, product pink...


            And sometimes I need a second row for all products of a productfamily.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Well, there are two flavors of running header variable, those based on a paragraph style and those based on a character style. I fyou can break the original text into two lines using differnt paragraphs or character styles, then you can use two variables.


              For fromatting purposes, a varible is a single character, so you cannot, for example, pick up text, then foramt most of the variable as it appears inthe header in one font, and the rest in a different font. And as mentioned earlier, a varialbe will not wrap, nor will it display only part of the text and go into overset. If the space is too short, the text inside the varible will compress to the point where it is all piled on top of itself. YOu can read more about them in the help files.