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    Licence to install dreamweaver 4


      I've just started new job where my responsibilities include managing the company website.  Present incumbent has offered me disc of dreamweaver 4 to install which is needed for the website but I've assumed it's only licensed for one user/computer.  However, can I install it on my computer on the basis that when present incumbent retires at the end of this week she will no longer need/use dreamweaver ie only one license/user using the software at a time?

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Dreamweaver 4 or Dreamweaver CS4? There's a world of difference between them.


          Mac or Windows? Which version?


          The serial number is licensed for one operating system only. You cannot install a Mac version on Windows and vice versa.

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            Farleycharlotte Level 1

            Thank you and apologies, websites are a whole new skill I need to learn!


            It's dreamweaver 4 compatible with windows which I would want to install on a different computer also running windows (windows 8) and then delete/uninstall it from the computer which the present incumbent in the job uses.



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              pziecina Level 6



              If it is Dreamweaver 4 and not CS4 you will probably find a number of problems if you install it under windows 8, (Dw 4 is over 15 years old).


              If you can legally install the program also depends on who actually owns the program. If it is the company then Dw can be installed on two separate machines that are the property of the company.


              If the owner is the person who is retiring, then she must -

              • De-register Dw with Adobe, (For Dw CS4 in the Help menu I think).
              • Uninstall Dw from her machine.
              • Sell the copy to the employer, (company).



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