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    Recording via Netmeeting

      I am trying to record a process being run on another computer via net meeting. I can see the other screen on my desktop and all seems to go well however captivate is only capturing the first screen of the process. What am I missing?

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          Hi Phil and welcome to our community

          You probably need to press the Print Screen key from time to time. If you are simply watching a meeting, Captivate isn't sensing changes, so it isn't automatically capturing screens.

          Of course you could *try* to capture using the Full Motion option, but it really isn't intended to be used for really long presentations and you will see issues.

          Cheers... Rick
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            Hi Phil,

            Net Meeting and Captivate don't always play well together. You can do this, (I do it quite a bit), but there are a couple of things that you need to watch out for.

            1. You must launch Netmeeting on your PC befor you launch Captivate. In fact, I recommend that you be careful to launch Captivate last, and don't launch anything else on your pc while recording, when you are using netmeeting. If you need to launch something else, shut down Captivate, launch your application, and restart Captivate.

            2. When you are recording a session, try to get the remote user to control the session on your computer. You will need to share, and allow control, to do this. This will allow Captivate to "Catch" any screen changes, and it will properly follow the mouse motion.

            3. If you must capture by watching a remote session, (for example what the remote user is doing on their computer), then you will need to let captivate know when to take the snapshots. This is becuase, Captivate monitors screen changes and mouse movements to determine when it should take a snapshot. Since you are monitoring a remote session, Captivate will not recognize that it needs to take a snapshot. You can capture the remote snapshot by clicking your mouse locally.

            I hope that this helps