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    Export problems


      I shot a video originally in 1920x 1080 resolution and am now attempting to render it in a format that’s compatible with Internet streaming on a service I’m hoping to work with. They are very particular about the types of files they’ll accept, so my initial upload, using a lower resolution, was rejected. They want 1920x1080 and they prefer mp4 files using the H264 codec. My problem is that, no matter what format I choose, the mp4 file that emerges has serious problems playing on my laptop. Specifically it plays back in a very jerky manner, skipping frames and constantly stopping and starting.


      I have a Dell XPS m1530 Vista system with plenty of memory and hard drive space. (I’m using Premiere Elements 10 to render these files). And I’ve never had problems playing any of the other videos I’ve created, for which I’ve usually used the mp2 format, or any other videos for that matter, using Windows Media Player.


      I’m going nuts because whenever I manage to render a file that looks right when played on my laptop, it gets rejected by their software and whenever I render a file their software will accept it plays irregularly on my system. Also, I’d assumed from what I’ve read that mp4 files would be smaller than mp2 files but it seems the opposite is the case. Those mp4 files generated by Premiere Elements 10 are huge. Can someone help me out here? How do I go about getting an mp4 file that will give me a result that plays smoothly on my system?  Thanks. Victor.