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    Can't use any more the text tool

    Rashely Level 1



      I'm using W7 and adobe CS5.5 and today I tried InDesign 6.

      When I wanted to use the text tool on Photoshop, I had an error text .. So I uninstalled InDesign 6 (the only changement on my computer), started again but I still can't use any more the text tool : error


      There are 2 errors message :

      - when i create  new document and i want to use the text tool : impossible d'effectuer cette opération car le moteur de texte n'a pas pu être initialisé

      -> impossible to do that because the text moteur cound't be initialized



      - when i open a document with text, the text looks like i don't have the font. If I click on it, there is this message : impossible d'effectuer cette opération en raison d'une erreur du programme

      -> impossible to do this operation because an error on the program



      Please help, I need to work, do you have any idea ? ...


      Thanks and have a nice day,